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Recorded Webinars

Designing a Pre-Filled Syringe Test Plan: A Practical Guide to Performance Testing
Presented by Levi Loesch and Dylan Stover

Companies developing pre-filled syringe combination products are often put in a bind when it comes to timing and execution of design verification studies. All too often, product rolls off the manufacturing line and then is rush shipped to testing sites for expedited service. Working with a test lab that is seasoned, responsive and flexible can certainly make these hectic situations less severe for the entire program. This information-rich webinar highlights DDL’s best practices for ensuring a test program is established on firm ground and executed flawlessly.  

Click here to download the webinar recording.

Accelerated Aging
Presented by: DDL Packaging Engineer, Scott Levy

Accelerated aging is an artificial procedure that allows you to claim expiration dating of materials by utilizing elevated temperatures. Accelerated aging testing is performed on packaged medical devices to determine shelf life and document expiration dates. This webinar explores many different aspects of accelerated aging such as:

– Scope of ASTM F1980
– Understanding Accelerated Theory & Rationale
– Tolerances and Precision
– The Use of Humidity

Please click here to download a recording of the webinar.

Sustainability and Source Reduction in the Packaging Industry Presented by DDL President, Patrick Nolan

Designing packaging that is responsible, yet still maintains the protective function it serves for the product is becoming a more common goal in consumer packaging design. Many experts in the industry will talk about the importance of sustainability in packaging, without considering the potential unintended consequences that could arise if the package is not designed responsibly.

During this webinar, DDL President, Patrick Nolan, will be able to consult with you as he speaks about how to achieve material source reduction for your sustainable package. Our single source, totally integrated approach enables globally recognized corporations to maximize product performance, reliability, compliance and safety while also achieving their sustainability goals.

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