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Visual Inspection Testing for Package Failures

DDL commonly performs visual inspection by optical microscopy as a supplement to product and materials testing. In the case of failures or anomalies, we can capture high-magnification digital micrographs that can help you understand the possible cause of a failure and make informed decisions about your product.

Visual inspection may not be used as the only method of package integrity testing during process validation studies, but should be used in conjunction with other standardized/validated test methods for determining package integrity and physical properties of component packaging materials.

Significance and Use of Visual Inspection for Packaging Failures

  • Seal integrity is directly related to whole package integrity.
  • Seal attributes can be linked to a number of variables in process parameters, equipment, or material.
  • Visual seal defects will often be the first indication heat sealing process variation.

DDL can also perform dimensioning of parts to a tolerance of up to 0.005 inches.

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