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DDL’s PackReview

Getting a sterile medical device product to market on time and on budget is challenging enough without having to deal with a package failure along the way. DDL’s PackReview is an upfront evaluation of your package before it goes through package validation testing. This complimentary service is offered as part of any DDL validation testing project.

How it Works
Before jumping into your next package validation testing, take the time to have one of our experienced packaging engineers evaluate your package design and provide unbiased opinion on what improvements may be needed to have better success going through package validation testing or confirm if everything looks good for testing. This review typically takes less than an hour, though complex packages could take longer.

Why Do It?
An upfront PackReview consultation can better help you understand the potential failures within your package design and mitigate risks prior to testing. For example, if there is a sharp product that may puncture the package, or the product is too heavy for the package being used, our engineers will provide suggestions on other options. If there are any failures during package validation testing, PackReview can still be done before any further testing is completed.

The PackReview Process

  1. Contact a DDL Packaging Sales Engineer
  2. Provide your packaging validation needs
  3. Provide package design information
  4. Send your package sample to DDL
  5. DDL Packaging Engineers review your package
  6. DDL provides results of review
  7. Once changes are made, or if no changes are required, DDL will proceed with package validation testing

Please contact DDL today for a PackReview of your package design before you start testing.

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