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ASTM D642 & Compression Strength Testing

Materials behave differently in compression than they do in tension. Depending on the specific application, it can be important to perform mechanical tests which simulate these forces the material will experience in actual use.

Compression strength testing is typically used to test materials such as plastics, elastomers, rubber, composites, foam, rock, concrete and asphalt. It is rarely used to test metals.

Compression strength testing is also used in product testing to evaluate the behavior of finished products. For example, foam is compressed to determine how well it mantains its cushioning properties.

ASTM Test Standards for Compression Testing

  • ASTM D642 – Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components and Unit Loads
  • ASTM D695 – Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics
  • ASTM D1621 – Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics
  • ASTM D4169 – Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems

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