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Horror Stories from your Testing Lab Contest!

In Honor of MD&M Falling on Halloween, DDL Wants to Hear about… The Outsourcing Horror Stories from your Testing Lab!

DDL, Inc. will be at MD&M Minneapolis in booth #830 on October 31th and November 1st – Halloween!  To celebrate the occasion DDL is having a contest … collecting “Scary Stories from your Testing Lab”.  Visit us at our booth, #830 to enter your horror story!  If you can’t attend MD&M Minneapolis or would like to send your scary story in early, please send to ddlinforequests@testedandproven.com.

Your story doesn’t need to be long, just “scary”.  You know what we’re talking about – those outsourcing experiences that kept you up at night, that froze you in a dead panic, that scared you so much that you declared “Never again!”

We will be collecting all your ghoulish tales until November 15th.  A winning entry will be selected by a team of DDL Lab Managers and Project Managers.

The winning story will receive the QI Inductive Charger and sleeve of their choice!  So put your lab coat on, adjust your thinking cap, and tell us your story!

Check out the Scare Stories we’ve already received!

Seal strength parameters?  (hot fluid filled pouches) – “we just throw them at the ceiling in the warehouse, if they don’t leak they’re fine”

Submitted by a Quality Engineer out of MN

“I took my packaging of a sterile device to a testing lab (well known) for testing according to ASTM D 4169-08, ASTM F 2069-04 and ASTM F 88-09. It is a pouch. These were a requirement of our USA client.  This testing laboratory confirmed that they could do and were certified for the tests, so as they were well known, we submitted our samples for testing.

After a few weeks, I was getting concerned and I followed up. A few days later I received the 3 page test report, stating that our products had passed the required specifications.  I smelt a rat, so I purchased the standard and compared it to the report I received.

Firstly, the report did not even reference the standards tested against, there are 7 schedules (a – g) which had to be tested (such as vibration, low pressure etc). What I discovered was shocking. They tested vibration, but when they got to the low pressure simulation, they stopped. They did not have a chamber to simulate the conditions so they just did not do the remaining schedules and then passed the product.

To make it worse, for the bubble leak test, they did not even have the bubble leak apparatus, they did a burst test and passed it as the bubble leak. When I went to the laboratory to query all this, they could not provide any calibration certificates or training on the “new just installed machine. So basically we paid thousands of Rands, and had a 3 page report that stated we passed the 4169 standard as well as the bubble leak test.

Submitted by a Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager.

A couple of months ago, we were shock and vibe testing an early product prototype at a lab in Michigan….It was a funny potato-shaped product and difficult to fixture.  During the vibration testing the test tech looked away for what they claim was a few seconds, and the device came loose from its fixture, vibrated over to the side of the table, and fell headlong into the oil vat used to lube the vibe mechanism.  Needless to say, the device was a total loss and we have still not been able to get all the oil off or out of it.

Submitted by Dennis Hepp,  Managing Director at Rivertek Medical Systems.

The worst I can remember:

–       Leak testing body bags for soldiers  — this was the worst but a necessary test.

The next worst was:

–       Developing and testing packaging for dead cats used for initial autopsy training at medical schools

Submitted by a Packaging Consultant out of California

I was doing some accelerated aging on a product and needed to speed things up to hit my launch date.  Bottom line: accelerated aging is good, melted product…………..not so much.

Submitted by R&D Engineer, WI


Visit DDL at MD&M Minneapolis  booth #830 to enter your horror story!  If you can’t attend MD&M Minneapolis or would like to send your scary story in early, please send to ddlinforequests@testedandproven.com.

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