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Oct 17, 2018

FAQs on ASTM D4169 – Schedule C Vehicle Stacking

Oct 17, 2018|ASTM D4169, Medical Device Package Testing, Pack Review, Packaging Validation|

In this edition of DDL’s PackReview series, DDL Packaging Engineers Scott Levy and Peter Johnson address some of the frequently asked questions on ASTM D4169, specifically Schedule C vehicle stacking, that they receive from DDL’s customers. What issues do you see in compression testing? A Lot. Many of our clients don’t meet the specified [...]

Feb 9, 2017

Watch DDL’s PackReview Video on the Recent Update to ASTM D4169

Feb 9, 2017|ASTM D4169, Medical Device Package Testing, Packaging Validation|

Welcome to the latest edition of DDL’s PackReview video series. In this edition, DDL Packaging Engineers Scott Levy and Peter Johnson discuss the recent updates to ASTM -D4169 and address the following questions. What are differences between ASTM D4169-14 and ASTM D4169-16? Why they made the change? Why the change is important? What are the [...]

Jul 11, 2016

ASTM D4169 Truck Profile Update

Jul 11, 2016|ASTM, ASTM D4169, Packaging Validation|

ASTM D4169, the standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems, has recently been updated. The truck vibration data, profiles and testing techniques are the basis for the updates. Following is a summary of the rational for the update. Rational for Update In recent years the truck profile data referenced in ASTM D4169 [...]

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