Product Vibration Testing

Packages and the products that they protect can be exposed to complex dynamic stresses during transportation as well as other events and environments.  Vibration testing controls the input of these stresses and is used to determine the package’s ability to function and protect in real world conditions. DDL performs vibration testing on packaging and products to simulate various environments, providing a means to evaluate the packaging and product robustness.

DDL is able to provide testing using many different vibration profiles that simulate various modes of transport such as truck, rail and air.  Vibration testing by exposure to sine sweeps carried out across a range of frequencies can be used to determine resonant frequencies of the product and its components; stress testing can then be performed by dwelling at those resonant frequencies for extended periods.

During vibration testing, accelerometers can be mounted on critical components of the product. The test specimen is then vibrated according to the applicable standard or protocol. Instrumenting the product within the packaging can indicate the degree of dampening provided by the packaging.

DDL performs many custom tests and protocols for vibration testing as well as industry standard test methods from ASTM, ISTA and MIL-STD.

Common Test Standards for Product Vibration Testing

  • ASTM D3580 – Vibration (vertical sinusoidal motion) test of products

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