Packaging Material Testing

Testing the materials that make up the package

To complement DDL’s Medical Device Packaging Testing, DDL’s Product and Materials Testing Division can take your package design and packaging testing to a deeper level by testing the materials that make up the package itself.  From plastic films to adhesives, foams to metals we can assist with your testing needs and help you better understand your options in packaging materials.  The effects of aging, different sterilization treatments and different material sources can all be explored through material testing.  DDL’s Product and Materials Division staff has a thorough understanding of today’s test standards for packaging materials which gives you a high confidence level in your packaging materials choices. 

Testing the materials that matter to you

DDL’s Product and Materials Division provides a wide array of tests to help you better understand your materials.  Metals, plastics, ceramics and composites are just some of the materials that DDL can test.  Testing to investigate tensile, compressive, bending, fatigue and other properties are routinely carried out by our staff of experienced technicians and engineers.

DDL’s testing capabilities can help you determine materials properties such as:

Product & Materials Core Test List

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DDL's Testing Locations

DDL’s testing laboratories are located in Eden Prairie, MN and Fountain Valley, CA. Learn more about the different testing services provided at each location.

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