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DDL offers you a very interesting and potentially cost effective method for helping you reduce your time to market, validate sustainable packaging initiatives quickly, and reduce cost and complexity in your packaging design and evaluation operations. The concept is called “Out-Tasking.”

“Out-Tasking” is a business practice in which work that would otherwise have been contracted out is performed in-house. It often involves bringing in specialists to fill temporary or long term needs on site. According to Walter Adamson’s article on out-sourcing, the essence and advantage of “out-tasking” is that the client “…maintains control over the strategy and implementation, and their out-tasking partner executes on it.” The out-tasking client remains completely in control of the over-all strategic system and the data outcomes.

DDL is offering an “out-tasking” opportunity of your packaging function. If you have an internal testing laboratory, you have recognized the value and benefit of performing testing on your products and packages. However, it is paramount that you achieve the maximum benefit out of the investment in that testing capability. This is where DDL comes in! You can benefit from our expertise in solving problems, obtaining necessary project management, implementing consulting expertise, and acquiring access to best practices and proven methodologies

DDL can staff, maintain, calibrate and provide all of the management and operational functions for your testing laboratory for a flat monthly management fee and thereby improve efficiencies through economies of scale and improved speed, accuracy and reliability. With DDL’s 35+ years of working in and managing its own contract testing laboratory, we are uniquely equipped to get the most out of your testing lab and in addition you get access to specialized skills such as knowledge, and expertise in all applicable U.S. and international standards.

• You know your monthly and annual cost for operating your laboratory
• You save on head count
• You obtain professional management expertise
• You eliminate staffing headaches
• You save money on employee benefits
• You obtain accurate testing data-faster
• You get your product to market faster
• You obtain years of data analysis experience

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