Package Validation Testing

DDL’s package testing services simulate the typical events associated with the distribution environment to validate packages for distribution compliant with the published ASTM StandardsISO Standards and other industry compliance requirements.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to evaluate each package's ability to protect the product inside throughout the handling, distribution and storage environment. The package must be able to withstand the typical events associated with distribution of the product without defect and loss of sterility in order to retain the product in the correct orientation for proper removal and use.

DDL is a third party testing facility offering full service package testing labs in Eden Prairie, MN, Fountain Valley, CA and Edison, NJ.  Our coast to coast locations allow us to work one on one with clients and provide authoritative expertise, superior testing services and individual quotes that are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Package Testing Services

DDL specializes in package testing for the following industries:

Medical Device Package Testing

Medical device manufacturers are required to obtain 510(K) approval on each medical device package. DDL performs a variety of testing services to ensure the integrity of the medical device packaging is compliant with ISO standards.


Pharmaceutical Package Testing

As regulators increasingly look for proof of pharmaceutical product stability throughout the supply chain, it is critical for manufacturers to ensure stable temperatures and endure handling from warehouse - to transit - to shelf.

Environmental Package Testing

Packaging must be tested and validated for its ability to withstand the transportation, storage and operating environments that it will encounter. As an environmental testing laboratory, DDL performs testing services based on the environments that the packaging is expected to endure.


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DDL's Testing Locations

DDL’s testing laboratories are located in Eden Prairie, MN and Fountain Valley, CA. Learn more about the different testing services provided at each location.

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