Who works with us and why?

"As always it was a pleasure to work with (DDL). I especially appreciate your steady stream of communication as well as your willingness to do whatever is necessary to expedite our tests wherever possible. I can almost guarantee that you will be doing more testing for us in the near future and probably many more times to follow."

John P. Long
Bausch & Lomb

"DDL is staffed by professionals that know how to take care of the customer. They are very accommodating even though our schedule most times is not very convenient. They succeed at getting projects completed in a timely manner."

Liz Nelson
Pioneer Surgical Technology

"As Medtronic Sofamor Danek begins to offer more sterile product, we rely heavily on DDL to support our integrity testing to validate the package. Different scenarios occur with each project and it is good to know that we can discuss each situation with Scott and the gang at DDL. The experience we have with DDL is good in that we always get quick responses and attentiveness with all our projects. It's also nice to work with experienced people that are there whenever we ask for the impossible."

Robin Turner
Medtronic Sofamor Danek

"I utilize DDL for my package testing needs because of their knowledgeable personnel and reliable turn around time. Working with DDL has saved my company time and money over the past 4 years due to their effective approach of balancing my needs with industry requirements."

Randall Troutman
Smith & Nephew Orthopedics

"I prefer to utilize DDL, Inc. services for all of my package integrity testing. I appreciate the professionalism with a down home feel. I am always aware of the status of my testing due to excellent communication updates. I would not entertain the idea of sending my samples elsewhere."

Mark Bissette
Closure Medical

DDL continuously provides the expertise needed in the field of shelf life requirements for both products and packaging. Their primary concern is for the customer. They provide the customer with ‘up to date’ information on the status of each project and is very informative and compliant to industry standards. The open communication style allows me to be proactive in my planning for each job scheduled.  Thanks DDL for all your support and guidance throughout the years.

Susan Reutter
Sr. Quality Engineer
Medtronic, Danvers Ma. 

Additional Testimonials

  • DDL is my one and only package testing facility =)
  • Thank you so much for meeting the schedule demand.  Please pass on the Thank you to your Team as well.  I greatly appreciate it.
  • Thanks!  Appreciate all your help and support for this project.
  • Thank you for getting the report to me so quickly!  That helped us out quite a bit.

DDL's Testing Locations

DDL’s testing laboratories are located in Eden Prairie, MN and Fountain Valley, CA. Learn more about the different testing services provided at each location.

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