DDL Team

Thought Leaders

DDL's Thought Leaders are experts in their field and are here to consult with you on all your package, product and material testing needs.

Project Managers

DDL's Project Managers will work one on one with you to ensure smooth completion of all your package, product and material testing projects. We strive to be the best in our industry and promote personal responsibility for all projects.


Business Development Group

DDL's Business Development Group works hard to develop better business practices to ensure we're offering the best products and services.

Quality Assurance Team

Lab Technicians

DDL's team of qualified Lab Technicians work hard at successfully completing the tests on your package, product or material. They are vital to DDL's processes and work close with our project managers to ensure all projects are on track and on time.

DDL's Testing Locations

DDL’s testing laboratories are located in Eden Prairie, MN and Fountain Valley, CA. Learn more about the different testing services provided at each location.

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